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My baking journey started when I was 13 and baked a sponge for the first time. After making the same sponge multiple times, I got bored of the same thing, which led me to experimenting and lots of youtubing about different kind of things I could do. I started making different things and living in a family of 20 definitely gave me a LOT of occasions to explore a lot of new things!

This realization, that baking is my calling came to me when my brother was getting married, and we decided to send out handmade chocolates with the wedding cards.
With no proper equipment, just 12 chocolate moulds and a few family
members, I pulled off making 5,000 chocolates in 3-4 days. Those nights when I went to sleep, I remember feeling more fulfilled and amazing than I had ever felt before.
And that’s when I knew!

When I decided to do this that time, it was one hell of a journey. My grandparents
were absolutely against the idea baking being my profession. The mess that it created, the amount of utensils everyday, it didn’t go well with them
initially! And I really don’t know what kind of zone I was in that time, I decided that
come what may, I am not giving this up. And to ensure it doesn’t cause any
inconvenience to anyone, I used to not only bake everything, but also wash up all
the utensils, clean up all spaces, and drive and deliver my cakes too.
And trust me when I say this, BAKING IS MESSY! Clean up was one task! Doing the chores alone, baking all through the morning and afternoon, rushing for my college at 4pm and then coming back at 9 and baking till 3am every single day, it was crazy!

Towards the end of 2013, when I was preparing for CAT, I came across this
professional baking course in Le Cordon Bleu, Australia, and it felt like a dream.
Convincing my family then for a proper course was not that difficult. And, the most beautiful part about that entire span of preparation was how amazing my Grandad was. From being the most against this person, to being my whole and sole person in helping me arrange for my visa requirements, running around with me for bank work and what not. He was my primary person to thank for making my dream come true.

Going to Le Cordon Bleu was the best decision I ever made. Everything that Cake It Away today is, I owe it to them. They didn't teach us recipes to learn and blindly
follow, they taught us ABC of baking, quite literally. The knowledge it gave me, its

After getting married to the biggest dessert freak you would ever meet, in May 2018, Cake it away really began! 

I feel so crazy to look back and thank my stars for the amazing amazing journey it has been and it will be. And this I owe to LOTT of people.

I never had to worry for anything about my branding and revamping and creating packaging, because my sister did it all. The entire vision of what Cake it Away as a brand should convey has entirely entirely been hers and the website is a result of this.
My in laws, who really are the most amazing and progressive people I’ve come across. At every step, they have stood with me like my pillars, taking care of every everything that I need for cake it away. 
And, my most most most amazing team! From the worst days to the
best, they are the reason why I feel that Cake It Away can sail through any anything.

About me as a baker, I absolutely LOVE working with new flavours, creating desserts which people eat and feel like they have really never eaten a flavour like this before. It is so so fulfilling to get calls from random people who ate some Cake It Away dessert at some party, asking for that particular dessert only because it was so good! 

In all honesty, it is not easy being a baker professionally. It is more than a full time job which needs you to do justice to it especially during those peak holiday times when your family and friends are chilling and you need to slog for more hours than ever. But, I would choose this and only this, over and over again.
Looking forward to bringing to you the most mind boggling flavours, and making CAKE IT AWAY bigger and better! :)
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